Erika Sanely (erika_sanely) wrote,
Erika Sanely

Now that's a co-inkadink!

So Richo rang me tonday from the control room to ask about the incident register, and half-way through he says "Random question; do you know anyone who has lost a ferret?" Gotta say it's a question you don't expect, and I spluttered and said "A ferret! No." And while Richo was explaining how he found this ferret in his back shed and he managed to put it in a cage about 3 days ago and had been feeding it, IC (who now sits across the way from me) looks around the corner of a cubicle saying "Did you say ferret? A friend of mine in Wipeout lost a ferret two weeks ago."

So here's the go: IC lives in a town an hour away, but has a friend in Wipeout. They went fishing a week ago, and his friend mentioned the his ferret "The Lone Ranger" had escaped from it's cage and had runaway. IC moved into his new cubicle yesterday. If Richo hadn't offhandedly mentioned the ferret he found, if I hadn't gone "Ferret!??", if IC hadn't gone fishing and asked his friend about his pet, ferret and owner would not have been reunited.

IC rang his friend, his friend sent a picture of his ferret to IC, who sent it to Richo, who confirmed it was the correct ferret, and the owner picked the ferret up this afternoon.

And that's your happy ending story for the day. :-)

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