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Awesome Gaius
My turn to host tea and telly, and we're going to be watching The Avengers. k hasn't seen it yet, and while I'm shocked that there are people in the universe that haven't see The Avengers yet, I am glad that I get to participate in her first viewing.

For tea tonight I found a recipe which sounded tasty, easy and slightly awesome:Thai sweet chilli chicken rissoles

I just tried one, and I must say that they are indeed delicious. I will have to put them into the meal rotation.

The show is on this week, and I was going to enter some stuff (a couple of slices, and a pumpkin), but I've decided not to. Two reasons; I don't know if I'm at 'Show standard' yet. It was a bad month or so there, and while I think that I'm getting good at baking, I'm not ready to be shown that I am not. I'll keep practising for next year. Also, after I came back from the shops I realised that I had forgotten to buy butter, and butter is pretty much the backbone ingredient for both the slices I had planned to put in, so I've considered that a sign. As for the pumpkin.... he's not looking good. If the show had been two weeks ago, I would have entered him, but he's starting to look very rough.

But enough about that; happyfuntimes for today: New yummy recipe, good friend coming over, great movie to watch. All in all I think this Sunday is a good one.

(One thing I forgot: my parents are visiting my bro, SIL and niece in NZ and since today is Father's Day I rang to wish Dad a good one. Belles got on the phone, we chatted about the zoo - which was just me naming animals and her providing the correct sound they make - and as she was about to hang up, she said "Bye Auny, I wuv you." Not ashamed to say I got a tear in my eye.