Erika Sanely (erika_sanely) wrote,
Erika Sanely

Happy No. 9

Two things to be happy about today. Well, maybe even three.

Happy No. 9, part 1: I got an email notification that my Avengers DVD has been mailed, and I should receive it either tomorrow or Thursday. Yay!! So I know what I shall be doing al weekend.

Happy No. 9, part 2: There was a sale on at a clothes shop when I was walking home from the bus stop, and I popped in, and got some great deals. And not only were they a good deal, they look nice on as well. Double yay!!

(Possible) Happy No. 9, part 3: managed to do just over 18,000 steps. My average is about 14,000 steps a day, and considering 12 weeks ago I was lucky to do between 5 - and 7 thousand steps a day, and now I'm doing 14,000 steps and 10km on the exercise bike every day I'm pretty impressed with myself. Still need to get my food intake sorted out, but my exercise has improved which is awesome. So I'm not doing the 10km to the bike tonight - by the time I go to bed I should have 20 thousand steps under my belt, and I am a bit sore from the steps I've done today already; most of those steps were going up and down stairs and the muscle do not approve.
Tags: happyfuntimes, health

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