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My Tree thanks to slodwick

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Don't Call Me Kevie

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Happy No. 2
Reese is quietly smug
Hmmm, gotta admit that I'm struggling a bit today to find the happyfuntime of the day.
Metallurgists; the bane of my existence.

Oh, got one! A friend at work sent a picture of his 5 month old daughter and she was wearing a onesie. I find no matter how cute a baby is that is magnified by a factor of 10 thousand when they're wearing a onesie. And then I must admit to wasting 10 minutes to searching and finding Baby Avenger onesies.

And speaking of babies.. another happy thing (that isn't from today, but still makes me smile to think of) I'm going to be an Auntie again! I'm definitely looking forward to meeting the little person - sometime towards the end of November/early December they'll be born so I shall be able to spoil them at Christmas time.