Erika Sanely (erika_sanely) wrote,
Erika Sanely

Cat post

I think Marley has an abscess on the middle of his back.
I thought it was a grass seed caught in his fur - he tends to get a few of those as his favourite hiding spot is near a neighbours catcus - but when I went to touch it smelly smelly pus oozed out. Did I mention it was smelly? Oh lordy, rum farts smell like roses and sunshine compared to this.

So I wiped the pus off, washed my hands (twice) and I haven't let him outside this morning as per the norm. I'll give the vets a call when it opens and see if they can fit him in today. The problem I'm having is I'm not sure when he got it. I'm assuming Saturday night, as he didn't come home but that could just be a coincidence. According to google the only symptoms he has is the smelly pus. He's as friendly as ever, has no problem with me touching the area, lethargy... well he's the worlds laziest cat on a good day, so I can't tell if that's changed and the other main symptom is he should be off his food. This is the cat that when he had a major gum infection just kept on eating. The vet was shocked when I took Marles in for bad breath and he saw the damage. Vet asked me how long the cat had been off his food and I said "He hasn't". Apparently he should have stopped eating long before I bought him in that time. Greedy thing that he is.

So yes; vet trip today I think. :fingers crossed:
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