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My Tree thanks to slodwick

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Non-spoilery first reactions to The Avengers
My Tree thanks to slodwick

Imagine if Epic and Awesome were real people. And they had a baby which was the most Epic and Awesome of all babies ever. Now, imagine this baby with a puppy in one hand, a kitten in the other while riding a unicorn.


On the other hand, there is one scene where I whispered to myself, 'Fuck you Joss Whedon, fuck you sideways', which really - considering it's Joss - I shouldn't be surprised I thought.

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(Deleted comment)
Don't let the one scene stop you - and if you want I can email you about it. The audience at my showing, and a showing a friends partner went to, broke out into applause once. And if there's one thing Joss does well is dialogue. And all the Avengers are used well.

But this movie....I'd be willing to see it in 3D it was that good (and I am not a fan of 3D)

One more thing - Mark Ruffalo was brilliant as Hulk. They all were.

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