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Does anyone have Ark building instructions??
I don't know if it's made the news outside of Australia, but we've had a wee bit of rain lately. (The same way king kong was a wee monkey.) I was lucky to get home yesterday; the road I had to drive home on was closed less than two hours after I was on it (and quite frankly I thought it should have been closed before I drove on it. Not afraid to say, a little bit of wee wanted to come out. Also, haven't prayed that much since the doctors thought I either had MS or syphillis.) I was incredibly lucky in that a B-double truck was in front of me, and I managed to stay close enough to him that I could 'ride in his slip stream' so-to-speak. But still, when water is hitting the 13 inches mark, it's not fun. Also, once you commit to drive in that, you can only go forward. If you stop the car, you sure as shit ain't starting it again. But the SES was letting us go through, and when you don't know what you're in for, you have to trust their instincts.

The boys are still at the cattery, and I won't be picking them up until next weekend now. The road to Temora gets water over it at the best of times, and considering it started raining Tuesday and finished about 3 hours ago, I thought it best to leave them there. The lady who runs it was fine with it. On the plus side, I'll get my bed to myself for a while week. Yay!

And to end on a lighter-ish note: if you thought Audrey was big before the rains, you should see her now. Seymour has also grown, and they have joined up. So please, don't send me sand bags; send pitchforks and flamethrowers.

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Yikes the rain is awful. If you get sent ark building instructions, post them!

I can only imagine Audrey...

How is your town faring with the rain? It seems that most towns around have at least one road cut off from the water.

I've taken photos of "Audmore", and will post them tomorrow. It's a beauty - here's hoping the pumpkins are tasty.

Not horribly right now but it's still scary as hell, and a lot of water around.

Audmore - I love it.

How is it where you live now?

Where I live is fine; it's all the towns around that are flooded. WIll do a post with a map to show you what I mean.

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