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My Tree thanks to slodwick
Didn't go for my walk this morning. I woke up with my bones aching - I had changed beds so I was now in a double instead of a single, and I thought the mattress was crappy, it it had a television built into the foot of the bed and i wanted to watch the season finale of Sherlock.
I regret that now. I missed my walk more than I thought, but I could barely move and had to be good enough to wrestle with a two year old in a game we play where she hides behind a sofa cushion, squishes a throw cushion into my face while telling me to be quiet. I haven't got the hang of the game yet, but I can gather that there are set rules which I am not following.

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I'm sorry to hear you're having pain. I hope you're able to go for your walk tomorrow.

It was raining - to flood-like extremes in some areas, so no last walk before the end of the holiday. :-(

I may have worded it wrong - I wasn't in pain; just achy. It's what comes with middle-age and unfamiliar mattresses. ;-)

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