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Giggling like a 12 year old.
Streetwalker From Cycnus
I was looking through this book on Australian slang and strine and I came across this one which sent me into a fit of "Carry on" giggles.

"To stiffen the lizard"


"To starve the lizard"

Amazingly - these are not euphemisms for getting an erection or not having sex. Which is weird, as the phrase "To choke the lizard" means to go to the toilet (if you're a mean). And as I am feeling naughty and cruel, I shan't be telling you what they are actually supposed to mean. Well, I will if anyone has a guess :g:

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Plumbing comes to mind but I'm guessing I'm wrong. Making toast?

I'm afraid you're wrong on both points, my friend. Behold at the stupidity of Australian slang!

"To stiffen the lizard" and "to starve the lizard" are both terms of surprised exclamations. We have a phrase "Stone the crows!", and apparently the full phrasing is "Stone the crows and stiffen the lizards!!"

That's just wrong. I think I'd prefer it if it meant to achieve erection

Maybe lizard=belly, so it would be abdominal muscle exercises / dieting? Ok, that doesn't sound very likely to me, either... ;-)

But still a good try! You never know what we wacky Aussies are really talking about. Basically, it's the second part of an oft-used expression of surprise: "Stone the crows and stiffen the lizards!"

We are a strange bunch of people

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