Erika Sanely (erika_sanely) wrote,
Erika Sanely

Before I go on holidays...

(I'm posting, to try to give myself an aura of calm and 'nothing-to-see-here,move-along-now' vibe so the boys won't realise that in 20 minutes I will be catching them, and putting them their cages, then the car for 45 minutes so they can go to the cattery. I suspect it's not working)

Anyway, remember how a couple weeks back I mentioned the bat penis?? Well, I managed to get a digital copy of it, and as a parting gift, I may now show you it in all it's glory.


Yes, we're all impressed by the size as well. Once I saw the photograph I could understand why Challis would take a photograph of it. Was not what I was expecting, but than again I have no idea what I was expecting. Was definitely not expecting uncircumcised, even though I have no idea how, why or who would circumcise a bat.

I now return you to your normal friends list.
Tags: bat ding-dong.

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