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Cooking with Nana D
Sock Monkeys
This was my back-up plan baking for the day. I had originally planned to make powder puffs, but I forgot something very crucial; I am crap when it comes to any type of biscuit or biscuit type thing. Useless, utterly useless (I just can't get them to stay the right shape), but I will keep trying.

This is the cake un-iced. There's a slight marbling effect, which I'm pretty chuffed about. Wasn't sure it would work for a minute.

The name is supposed to be due to the colour of the cake. In competition, you are judged on how closely the icing matches the actual cake. So, it that respect, I have failed. It's like a Barbie has iced it. It couldn't be pinker (but I did note down how much colouring I used, and I will definitely use less next time.)

I think I'm going to work on perfecting this cake; it was easy, yet looks beautiful (or at least, when old ladies make it, it looks beautiful.) If I was to enter this into the show, I would fail; way too pink, the cake cracked, and the biggest no-no - the icing dripped down the sides. In a good peach blossom, the icing merely hints at touching the edge of the cake.

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(Can't be bothered editing my last comment.)

I'm always willing to try a new food. Or even food I'm not fond of again. (except seafood. If it's not out of a can, I think seafood is disgusting.) I didn't dislike the collards, just found them an odd taste. But I once thought that about olives, and now I love them.

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