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Big Girls Blouse

Down at the radio station today, and while I was sitting at the desk downloading the weather when I heard a rustle in the bin. I figured it was just the garbage settling until I felt something falling down my leg. It was a mouse using me as a ladder. Ick Ick Ick. I did do a girly squeal, and started to do the hand shake that is not unlike a bit of a jazz hands things, but I managed to refrain from running from the building which I am proud of. (Ya gotta take the little things where you can.) But ew - the station has mice. It isn't surprising considering the mascot Love birds are inside, and have dropped some food behind the filing cabinet for the nieghbourhood creatures, but I really could have lived without the up close and personal contact.

I'm brave - noises in the dead of night I can handle, I can kill a Huntsman spider with only a rubber thong, but mice on the person is ... icky. I'm such a blouse

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