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My Tree thanks to slodwick

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Don't Call Me Kevie

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Aiming to be bad
I'm not a fan a Valentine's Day, so I wish you all a Good Beer and Bruce Willis Day!! (That's my tradition for the day; a beer and a Bruce Willis movie. And not even one of his good ones. Last year it was The Last Boy Scout, year before it was Hudson Hawke. This year, I'm thinking perhaps an episode of Moonlighting.)

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Whoops! Ignore that v-gift showing up on your doorstep, then. ;-) Actually, I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day either, but, as ever always these days, I try to feign enthusiasm about these things. Tucking in with TV and a beverage sounds good, though I'll pick Coke and Remington Steele. ::g::

Thank you for the glass heart! Even though I'm not a fan of the day doesn't mean I'm not touched by the gift. It was lovely!

Welcome. :-) Hope you enjoyed the beer and Moonlighting!

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