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My Tree thanks to slodwick

Anonymously Famous

Don't Call Me Kevie

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Up-date on Audrey
Green thumb
She is still growing like a growing thing. I no longer fear for my life, but that is only because I have been feeding her compost and watering her. (Hey, it's either I feed her plant food, or she eats me. At least I'm not feeding her people.)

It also looks like she may now have seven - 7 - actual pumpkins on her vines. I'm assuming at least seven, as there are areas of her that I am only able to reach with a machete, elephants and a jet-pack.

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(Deleted comment)
Have taken the photographs; gimme until tomorrow as I took them on my phone, and I am not the most technological person.

Unfortunately, no photos of jet pack or the elephant. Mostly because I need an elephant small enough to fit in my backyard without sitting on my BBQ, but big enough to withstand freak pumpkin attack. It's a rather specific size.

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