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My Tree thanks to slodwick

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My Tree thanks to slodwick
I know I write about things going in the "Almost a Grown-up" or "Not even close to being a grown-up" column, but I finally feel that in the last 6 months I've started to get a handle on, well, being a grown-up.

I very rarely had cereal for dinner any more. My fridge is clean, and I can identify everything in the fridge as nothing has started to become a cure for the Ebola virus. I haven't made what I called a "Vom burger" for breakfast in over a year (Vom burger= scrambled egg and baked beans inside a grilled cheese sandwich with lashings of BBQ inside. It looks incredibly feral, but when you're hungover it is incredibly tasty.)

My idea of impulse shopping is going into a hardware store. I budget - admittedly not well, but way better than I used to. When clothes shopping I actually think about how the new clothes will work in with what I've got so I get the maximum wear out of everything.

I haven't watched any of the High School Musical movies in ages

I feel like I've really achieved something, finally. 'Cause I gotta admit when talking to people I went to school with, I'm always astounded that they've got kids who are old enough for school (in fact, some have kids old enough for high school!) I've never understood how they were together enough for all that stuff.

Now, I'm not saying that I'm not 'together' enough for that sort of stuff, it's just always amazed me.

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Being an adult is hard and not something I really want to do on a daily basis. And if it means no cereal for dinner, well, then I really don't approve of it at all, LOL.

I'm glad you feel like you've achieved something, though. You shouldn't feel bad because other people have raised children at this point. They're really not for everyone. You're not any less of an adult because you didn't choose the same things. :)

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