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She's still going on about the blisters!
My Tree thanks to slodwick
I know, I know, it's an incredibly boring subject - but these suckers are HUGE So I took photos.

Go on, look: you know you want to...

The smallest one I've had to pierce today to get rid of the pressure in my finger. The finger is still tingly and numb-ish - that can't be a good thing.

The bigger one I'm afriad to poke at in case I drown. The problem with that one though is my left-handedness. Ever tried writing with something the size of a small car on your hand?

I hereby promise though that this is the last time I mention 'em. Well, if the big one pops - I'll tell about that one.

Edit: Was talking to Mum today (who is now back home, eating peaches.) who said that Dad had had a wart frozen off his hand not long ago (So it must be from his side of the family that causes mine) and it took two weeks - TWO WEEKS! - before the blister popped on it's own accord. Unbelievable. And here I was amazed the blister had lasted 3 days. I am a pimple popper from way back; how on earth am I going to not pop a blister for two weeks????

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Go on, look: you know you want to...

Your blisters are password-protected. ;-)

I am an idiot. :g: Password is nothing

They look rather painful you poor thing I hope they pop or start reducing in size soon.

~winces~ Nasty. You should send them to

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