Erika Sanely (erika_sanely) wrote,
Erika Sanely

Stupid brain creating stupid nightmares

I haven't had a full-blown nightmare for years. I've had dreams where I woke up scared, but after a minute or so fallen back to sleep, but this one had me lying wide eyed in bed with the donna up to my chin, wishing I still lived at home so I could call for Mum to come give me a hug, while also feeling that as long as I didn't even breathe loudly, I'd survive until morning.

But, as I told the girls at work, if it was a movie starring Sandra Bullock instead of me, it would be a good suspenseful movie.

There was this highly successful serial killer who was doing his own personal tour of the state that had everyone on edge. He was pretty fucked up, in that he always gave his next victim a message letting them know that they would be next. What he would do is cut something off his latest victim - usually a foot or a hand, sometimes the head - place it in a brown paper bag and leave it for the next victim inside their house. (His top three places were kitchen pantry, bathroom vanity or bedroom dresser.) And despite the fact he gave this warning, and everyone knew to be careful, and then police put the his next target under heavy surveillance, he always succeeded.

One day I came home from work and found sitting on my bed a brown paper bag. In it, was the head of the 12th victim. She was late 40's and had a really bad home perm. I informed the police*, was put under surveillance, and pretty much just had to wait until he struck. I was a dead girl walking. (I have no idea why the people who were targeted weren't just put into witness protection. Or even move.) Fast-forward a couple of weeks. I wave to the police-men in the car outside my house, go inside and find in the laundry my cat Marley; poisoned. I turn to run outside, and there is the killer with a bad-arse butcher's knife and who somehow has a hold of my niece. Turns out he had bribed the police who were outside my house.

I woke up just as the knife started to slice through my right arm.

I think the scariest thing about it was it was in my house, and the police were sitting outside my house on my road. My mind hadn't changed any aspect of my everyday surroundings or even of me, which is very unusual for me. At the very least, I dream I don't wear glasses. This...this was pretty much spot on for my life. (With the exception of the RSVP killer. (That was what they called him, since he let you know he would be arriving soon to kill you.))

When I woke up it could do nothing but lay there until my alarm went off to get up for work. I have no idea what the dream means. I have no interest in finding out what the dream means. But I would really like to not ever have a dream like that again.

*I was very rational. I"m assuming I was because it was a dream; in real life I would have most likely literally wet myself.
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