Erika Sanely (erika_sanely) wrote,
Erika Sanely

2012 Resolution Recap/Review #1

So instead of getting to the end of the year and wondering how I went in keeping my resolutions, I"m going to do a mini-review at the end of every month and see how I'm faring.

1 – Lose 10kg So I've managed to gain half a kilo this month. Not good, not good at all. Fail

2 - Bake once a month from Nanna Davis’ cook books I am smashing this one. Made her passionfruit cheesecake for the girls when they came over for dinner, whipped up some jam drops to use up some eggs a friend's chickens had laid, and tried my hand at shortbread. Distinction

3 – Go to Church once a month Yeah, I think this one is not going to go so well. No Church entered. Fail

4 – Go to a social activity once a month (stop being such a hermit!) Ugh, this one is borderline. I skipped out on a bowls night - was feeling sad and blah, and pulled out of bingo this week (because I had walked home from the bus stop in the rain and was cold and wet and wanted to have a warm bath and go to bed. Upon thinking though, this happened Thursday, which was Feb. On the plus'; I went to two different friend's houses for tea, went to another friend's house for drinks and I made plans with a friend to go to the movies (She had to pull out due to illness.) I"ll give this one Pass

5 – Host a dinner/games night every 2 months (again, stop being such a hermit!) Again with the smashing. Had the girls over for dinner and a movie, and k and I have been having catch up dinners with each other once a week. Distinction

6 – Have two “Yes” months during the year (I have to say Yes whatever my friends wish. As long as it's legal and not life threatening.) Pending, as I haven't hit a Yes month yet.

7 - Brush my teeth morning and night. I'm good with mornings - never miss a morning - but nights I usually go to bed. Bad girl!! Done and Done x 31. I shall give this a Pass

8 - Don't get arrested for streaking at the footy. (I've had this one for years, and some times it's the only one I manage to keep.) Distinctionn

I'd say overall I'm doing rather well. Let's say Credit.
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