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My immediate supervisor is on fire today! I find with Mr Dobalina that the best way to deal with him is to imagine that he is from outer space, and hasn’t got the nuances of human language yet. He’s Canadian, so if there are any barriers, it would be a cultural thing, but I have a harder time getting him to understand what I’m talking about (or getting him to understand what he is talking about) than I do with some people who English is their second or third language.

Today is the best examples of this:
Example one, he asked me today to order some signs for a gate. But he doesn’t want them to say “Please shut the gate” or even “Keep gate shut” . He wants them to say “Make sure to close and shut the gate after going through.” But I can play around with the wording of that. I think I may play around with the wording until it reads “Please keep gate shut.”

Example two: He wants me to make up a calendar for our department. When he mentioned this, I bought up the fact that the training guys had just made up a calendar just last week that would suit his needs perfectly. His reply – “I don’t want a calendar for training; I want to have a calendar for when people are on courses.”

Lawd bless him.

Before today’s zingers, my favourite of his was the following:

I send out a reminder about an upcoming safety meeting every month, so the relevant people in our department remember to show up. As I was writing it for a particular month, he stopped me and asked me to add some names to it (people who while not in our department either a- need to know we’re having a safety meeting or b-are in the safety department and it’s relevant to them) I typed them in as Mr Dobalina stood there. I finished typing the email while he stood there. After I finished, he put his hand up and said “Don’t send that. I need to think about it some more.” And he just walked away. So, to recap, after he stood there to make sure I made the changes he wanted, he wasn’t sure the changes I made was what he wanted. (FYI, that happened about 6 months ago. He still hasn’t got back to me.)