Erika Sanely (erika_sanely) wrote,
Erika Sanely

So far today I have made a Nectarine Crumble (completely awesome!!), peanut butter and choc chip muffins for a girls birthday at work for Tuesday, and am contemplating on whether to make the jam drops for my friend A when she comes over from Perth for a work visit on Wednesday or wait until Tuesday night.

A very productive day. So productive in fact, the washing up from all this baking is already done! Okay, the wiping up isn't done, but still. Washing up is the hard part!

The only blip on this great day happened ten minutes ago. I went outside to throw the rubbish out, and underneath the laundry window was the desiccated body of a frog. Which means that at some stage there was a non-desiccated frog only meters away from me at some stage. I knew that there were frogs around, as you can hear them all the time croaking away, but that is way to close for my comfort. I really hope one of the boys had hunted him, and bought him home.
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