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My Tree thanks to slodwick

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I'm having one of those days, where you feel as thought you're going to burst out into tears, but you're not sad. It's a weird feeling; I think this afternoon I might put the air-con on high, grab my donna, and put on a sad movie to get it out of my system. Or...maybe because last week I watched Red Dog and the week both and now I've bloody conditioned myself to be sad on Saturdays. Which sounds ridiculous, so probably not.

I have a party I'm supposed to go to tonight, and I am just not feeling it. I know, I know, one of my NYE resolutions was to be more social, but I don't think I can. On the plus side, I think I have worked out why I have trouble being social: I'm tired of walking into parties by myself, and trying to work out who I know at the party. Y'see, I have this knack where the majority of my friendships don't overlap. For example; in 2010 I went to 5 weddings. I was the only person in common at all 5 of them. At two of those weddings, the only people I knew well were the bride and groom. It's a gift (and a curse) I have; I'm great at one-on-one friendships, so I end up with friends all over, but I can't seem to make the leap to extending that friendship with other people in that group of friends.

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I recommend watching this week's new episode of PoI instead of a sad movie, assuming you haven't already done so. It's a surprisingly light episode, for PoI.

Use the cushion! is my favourite line of the episode. :g: It was a good ep, but after the last one it did feel like a bit of a filler. (But it was great seeing Finch doing the legwork.) (And speaking of, I think I might do a PoI-fest tonight instead of a sad movie. And throw in some Captain America. He fixes everything)

I really need to work on my building friendship skills, but I just can't be arsed today. I am meeting a couple of friends for breakfast tomorrow, so that can be my social activity for the week.

::Big hug back.:: I am just having a day though - I shall be back to normal tomorrow I'm sure.

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