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Anonymously Famous

Don't Call Me Kevie

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Awesome Gaius

• One of my favourite things to do at shows (I think a fair would be the US version?? I could be wrong) is to go watch the wood chopping. Watching professional wood choppers is a guilty pleasure of mine. I find it incredibly skillful.
• My second favourite is watching the dog show.
• My favourite words are (in no particular order) Constantinople, Window, Kudos, Quincunx and Galoshes.
• I can’t pronounce the word cinnamon. I try every time, but end up getting frustrated and call it “the stuff on top of doughnuts”
• I am petrified of frogs. I have gotten better in that I don’t start shaking, but the sound of croaking makes me feel ill. Don’t even ask about toads.
• I’m okay with spiders – in fact I used to have an awesome system with a girl I used to work with where I would remove/kill the spiders and she took care of any frogs.
• When I’ve been drinking, I enjoy sucking the helium out of balloons and singing Celine Dion. (Actually, I don’t need to have been drinking for that. It’s just nice to have the excuse.)
• Speaking of drinking, one NYE my friends and I made Bloody Mary’s which were just half vodka, half tomato juice. I have not been able to stomach Gazpacho since.
• I would love to one day own a dog (something like a whippet) and call him Kevin. But I know too many Kevin’s in real life so I can’t.
• When climbing stairs, I count the stairs. But I only ever go as high as 12, and then I start counting at one again.
• I can’t spell the name of the street I live in. But I’m okay with that, as on one end of the street it’s spelt one way I spell it, and at the other end of the street it’s spelt the other way I spell it.
• I used to use the voice of Darth Vadar on my GPS device, but I had to stop, as I found I didn’t trust Darth Vadar to get me to my destination.
• When staying at hotels, I judge them by how good their bacon is at breakfast.
• I believe the world can be divided into two types: Those who find Napoleon Dynamite hilarious, and those who don’t.