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My Tree thanks to slodwick

Anonymously Famous

Don't Call Me Kevie

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Feed Me Seymour!!
Easily Amused
So I finally worked out how to get photos from my phone to my computer (I'm feeling very accomplished today.)

Allow me to introduce you to Audrey. She's a pumpkin vine I planted in early November.

As you can see, it's not hard to see why she is called Audrey. (Also, why when I'm out the back I never turn my back to her. I'm frightened she'll grab me)

So even though she's only two months old, she already has a couple of pumpkins the size of bicycle helmets. It looks like my diet this winter is taken care of!

Ironically, I planted her in a pot, so I would have more control over her growth rate. Who would have thought that would work against me?

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(Deleted comment)
That's why I've named her Audrey; any plant that grows that quickly must be called Audrey. (And if you don't hear from me without me saying I"ll be offline for a couple of days, there's a good chance Audrey has eaten me.)

Also, she's been moved twice so we could mow the lawn; she used to be much more spread out than out. She is, ridiculous and I am uncommonly fond of her.

I love that you have a pumpkin icon to use :-)

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