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My Tree thanks to slodwick

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Don't Call Me Kevie

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Why did I say I would post every day??
Die you moran die
I am having what we call a "Sandy vagina" day. It's another special way of saying you're in a bad mood. (like you've gone to the beach and ended up with sand in, well, I think you can imagine the badness of the mood.)

So here is one of those tests:

Was not expecting that from the way I answered. Just for tonight, I forgive Dean for season 7.

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(Deleted comment)
I just can't work out how I got Dean; I really didn't see my answers leaning his way, and normally with those quizzes you can totally skew the answer. But if I have to share him with anyone, I'm okay with it being you.

PS: I'm sorry you're in a bad mood. *hugs*

Thank you. My mood will hopefully be over by tomorrow afternoon: two very competent people are on annual leave, leaving 2 very incompetent people in charge and after tomorrow one of the competent will be back. I told the competent people they both couldn't have time off at the same time, but they just laughed evilly and thought no more of it. (Can't blame them really, they both deserved time off.)

But yes, incompetent people just make life hard. And by the way this afternoon shaped up, tomorrow will not be a good day. (Tomorrow's post may be bought to you by Quentin Tarrantino. You have been warned.)

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