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My Tree thanks to slodwick

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Jan the First
2012 resolution post
Happy new year and all that jazz!

Please find below my resolutions for 2012. I want to do a post a day in January, so tomorrow I'll do a post-mortem on my resolutions for 2011. :fingers crossed I kept at least half of them:

1 – Lose 10kg
2 - Bake once a month from Nanna Davis’ cook books
3 – Go to Church once a month
4 – Go to a social activity once a month (stop being such a hermit!)
5 – Host a dinner/games night every 2 months (again, stop being such a hermit!)
6 – Have two “Yes” months during the year (I have to say Yes whatever my friends wish. As long as it's legal and not life threatening.)
7 - Brush my teeth morning and night. I'm good with mornings - never miss a morning - but nights I usually go to bed. Bad girl!!
8 - Don't get arrested for streaking at the footy. (I've had this one for years, and some times it's the only one I manage to keep.)