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This had me in stitches I mean, literally. I laughed so hard I had to hold my knees to stop myself from falling over in ... laughter. The following is a true story. It happened to me. It happened to me last night.

A friend of mine was looking up some stuff on the internet for a project her daughter has to do on Australian Rules Footy (Better known as AFL around these parts). She got to the official website, and was looking around when she turned to me and said "Why would anyone buy wallpaper of Carey?"

It was late - about 1am - so I answered as eloquently as only I can: "Whu-?"

"Wallpaper." She says. "Look, you can get wallpaper with this guy on it. Why would anyone want to plaster their walls with this guy? Who would pay good money for that??"

"It's not that kind of wallpaper." I say. You'll be pleased to know I took pity on her and didn't laugh at her mistake. Well, didn't laugh loudly. Okay, I didn't laugh long.

Have you ever tried to explain wallpaper to someone who just doesn't get it? I thought it was funny, and after which I figured others should join in on the hilarity. No one I was working with last night knew what I was talking about. They all thought the walllpaper was something you bought off the 'net to put in a child's bedroom. 3 reasonably intelligent people had that little idfea about computers. It frigthened me. And it also made me laugh. And they found it funny too, which was a relief. There's nothing worse than laughing at someone and them not getting the joke. I don't mean that in a horrible way - somethings are just funny. Somethings need to be shared so others can laugh as well.

On an unrelated note. Does anyone know if I know anyone born on March 27? I keep thinking I've forgotten someone's birthday.

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