Erika Sanely (erika_sanely) wrote,
Erika Sanely

And I'm off!!

Just waiting on some washing to dry so I can bring it in, and then I am driving to my parents place to catch up with them before I fly out. I dropped the boys off at the cattery this morning; Owen (the emo-teenager wannabe) tends to self-mutilate when I go away despite(/inspite? I always get them mixed up) him hating me when I am around so it's easier if they're in an enclosed place and someone can easily grab them to give medical assistance if needed.

The cattery is a 50 minute drive away. Five minutes into the drive Marley went to the toilet. And not the "marking his territory" kind either. So yes, my day so far has consisted of being stuck in a car with two crying cats and (if I can quote the movie "kenny") a smell that will outlast religion for almost an hour. Good times people, good times.

But! In two days time I shall have hugs and kisses from my niece/god daughter the Is-Monster, three days time hanging out with E and 8 days from hanging with windrose If the price of all that awesomeness is a bad smell, I'm okay with that.
Tags: friends, the boys, us trip 2011

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