Erika Sanely (erika_sanely) wrote,
Erika Sanely

I'm way close to being a grown-up

So for the last couple of months whenever I've gone grocery shopping I've managed to keep to the list, and not do any impulse buying. It's made me feel as though I am merely months away from being classed as a grown-up and not just someone who is legally allowed to drink and vote.

Yesterday, when I went grocery shopping and I must admit to going off-list, BUT! I impulsed bought fruit (dates and blackberries to be precise), so despite the impulse buy, I am totally putting two ticks in the "Almost a grown-up" column.

(And one day, I shall totes write up the "Almost a grown-up list" and "Not quite a grown-up list" so I can see just how close I am to it.)(It seriously worries me when people I went to school with tell me they are now parents of teenagers. I am no where near close to that kind of responsibility. Some days I class popcorn as a main meal option.)
Tags: being a grown-up

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