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I'm way close to being a grown-up
I win at life
So for the last couple of months whenever I've gone grocery shopping I've managed to keep to the list, and not do any impulse buying. It's made me feel as though I am merely months away from being classed as a grown-up and not just someone who is legally allowed to drink and vote.

Yesterday, when I went grocery shopping and I must admit to going off-list, BUT! I impulsed bought fruit (dates and blackberries to be precise), so despite the impulse buy, I am totally putting two ticks in the "Almost a grown-up" column.

(And one day, I shall totes write up the "Almost a grown-up list" and "Not quite a grown-up list" so I can see just how close I am to it.)(It seriously worries me when people I went to school with tell me they are now parents of teenagers. I am no where near close to that kind of responsibility. Some days I class popcorn as a main meal option.)

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Ugh - don't be a grown-up!

I am a little horrified when I think too long about the fact that one of my best friends from high school's eldest child is turning 20 in November.

And every time my younger niece wants to know why I don't have kids and I reply I am not old enough for them and she wrinkles her nose at me because AUNTS ALWAYS PROVIDE COUSINS! (Her experience is limited to me and her mother's other sister-in-law, who does indeed have children).

That my brother, who is only eighteen months older than me has three kids - the eldest of whom is nearly ten and wearing grown-up sized shoes ALREADY.

(am seriously hoping that I am as grown-up as I'm gonna get and not going any further down that road).

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