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First thoughts on my work trip.
Aiming to be bad
Conference was amazing. Admittedly, it was my first conference, so maybe all conferences are brilliant and inspiring, but there is something special about being in a room of 500 women who have important roles in a male-dominated industry.

One session for the day was about self-esteem, confidence and self-promotion, which was incredibly interesting and I got bucket-loads out of it. One part of it was about the sexuality of language (female v male language) and how women have a unconscious way of putting themselves down and down[laying their achievements when speaking about themselves. (EG, women have more a tendency to say things like "I'm pretty good at my job", whereas a man would just say "I am good at my job.) That is something I definately need to watch about myself.

Afterwards there was wine, and my friend A and I whom I only get to see at work when she comes to visit went out for Japanese which was also awesome. I love Japanese, and as I live in a town where you only have 3 Chinese restaurants and pub meals I enjoy the treat.

Today my other friend Miss Vic is picking me up and we are off to Fremantle to go to the markets, gossip, laugh loudly and try not to get kicked out of anywhere or arrested. (Neither of these things have happened, but Miss Vic is the kind of friend where you feel that these are inevitable events that are bound to happen sooner or later.)