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My work day... in a way
Easily Amused
Yesterday what may end up being in the top 15 all-time awesome things to happen to me.

At work we’re trying to re-organize the training rooms. The met tech and I have been brainstorming (actually, to be truthful, the met tech has had the ideas and I’ve stood there telling her how awesome her ideas are. I’m like her Dr Watson.) ideas to improve the layout, and one of them will involve moving a lot of IT equipment from one end to the other. Yesterday C went to grab the IT guru’s and said that they would meet me in the training room. I got there earlier than everyone, and I realized that out of the 20 chairs in the room only one was a swivel chair and that that chair had a very high back. I had the perfect opportunity to do something everyone only ever dreams of being able to do. So. I turned the lights off, moved the chair into the middle of the room, made sure the chair was facing the opposite direction of the door and sat down. About 5 minutes later they walked through the door. And as they turned the light on, I swiveled around and said “I’ve been expecting you.”

It was comedy gold, my friends. They completely lost it, and once they composed themselves the IT guru* said “I’m going to pretend that you’ve been sitting in here all day waiting to do this to any random person who walked in.”

My only regret is I didn’t have a top stuffed white cat. There was a roll of white paper towel in the room that may have substituted for the cat, but I didn’t want to risk getting up to grab it, and them walking in.

But yes, if you ever get the chance to do the “I’ve been expecting you” swivel in a high back swivel chair I heartedly recommend it. It will make your week.

*The IT guru is the same guy who one night knocked on my door completely naked and once I let him in (never argue with a naked person. It’s not like you can man-handle them to go back outside whiteout someone touching something they shouldn’t touch.) he tea-bagged my cats water bowl. And I've just a had a look back through my LJ and have realised I haven't told you guys that story. Long story short: IT guru and sparky guy knocked on my door one night, and were completely nekkid. I let them in, they had a couple of beers, sparky guy covered himself in jam and IT guru danced around my kitchen. I am a very tolerant friend.

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... and you have very interesting friends! :-D

I do at that, I really need to write that night down properly, as it was surreal. And incredibly funny

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