Erika Sanely (erika_sanely) wrote,
Erika Sanely

Advertising works on fools like me

I absolutely adore the latest Impluse ad. The one with all the mini-Natives in the woman's handbag, all worshiping the deodourant, all longing for a look at the woman. I am tempted to buy it, purely because of this ad. Which annoys me, as I normally do not like the smell of Impluse.

Yes, I am on of those people who is influenced by catchy ads. I am weak.

Of course, this does work the other way. A few years ago, I started buying Libra 'feminine hygiene' products because of an ad. This ad rocked In it, a woman had killed a guy, and was trying to get rid of the evidence. The police are running up the stairs, and she's hidden the murder weapon and the body. But what to do with all the blood??? She just whips out a trusty pad, and voila! It soaks up all the blood before the police come crashing through the door. It was great. A friend asked me why that ad in particular got me buying the product. I said "Firstly, the woman is in control. Secondly, for once, they're using the right frickin' colour." And honestly, the fact the liquid was red was what grabbed me. No more hiding behind the colour blue or green while talkin' about sphagnem cores and the like! Women rejoice! THey take us and our bodies seriously! I read this commentary once, where a woman was writing about how screwed up the world is when it comes to women's bodies. She said as a joke that one month she bleed blue, and thought that was normal.

But then, Libra did an ad that lost me to them forever. They had this woman with a pet fish. The fish was...stressed. So after talking baby to it, she takes it to a vet who tells her that. Then he starts asking questions. "You got kids? A dog? A cat?" All of which she answers no. He can't work out why then the fish is acting strange. So he asks where she keeps the fish. And she looks all embarrassed. Turns out above the fish tank she keeps her pads. 'Cause, every woman keeps her pads and tampons on a shelf in the living room when they're single. This ad made me so mad. They had gone from strong women (albeit evil ones who commit murder) to women who needed more in their lives, and worried about pet fish. And the only liquid the use these days is water. It just makes me sad.

The day I classed myself as a grown-up is the day I went into a supermarket, grabbed a box of panty liners, two boxes of tampons, and went straight to the check-up without bothering to buy other things to hide the reason I went to the store in the first place. I embrace the fact I get periods - it is a part of me. So why do advertisers feel the need to pretend we buy the products to plug up leaky roofs?

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