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My Tree thanks to slodwick

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T - 100 days
Stop! Hammertime!
in 100 days time I will be flying to Sydney, so I can fly to New Zealand which is my first stop on My Awesome Thanksgiving Tour of 2011.

YAY!!!!! There's still some things to organise, but I am mostly all sorted. There are some things I need help with though, and with all important decisions, these are best decided by the Internet.

Firstly, while My Awesome Thanksgiving Tour of 2011 does sum up nicely what I am doing, I would like catchier name for my trip. Any one have any ideas???? No idea is too ridiculous. Let me know, please!!

Also, I need a theme song for my trip. Again, I turn to you. This song needs to be either boppy, or inspiring, or just plain makes you happy. And if it makes you happy, it may make me happy. I love pretty much all music (gangsta rap and heavy death metal are probably the only two genres I'm not into), so even if I'm not a huge fan of the song you suggest, there's a good chance you'll introduce me to a band that I will love.

Please help!!

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(Deleted comment)

I hope you realise I will spend most of in a state of awe and shock that I am doing something I have only ever seen on the television. I will be the most easily impressed and entertained person you have ever seen. :-)

*scratches head* Well, if it can be any kind, Take That's Rule The World makes me happy...

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