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My Tree thanks to slodwick

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Rox Fm
My Tree thanks to slodwick
Went down to the radio station today for my usual "Drive Through" slot, and found out that in less than two weeks, they will have the technology for the station to be broadcast over the internet.

Part of me is very excited with it, as it means all my friends and family interstate (and further) will be able to hear what I do for fun. The other part of me is trying not to projectile vomit with the idea of of all my family and friends being able to hear what I do for fun.

I keep forgetting that I'm not as cool as I think I am, and that everyone who knows me well will now hear me being a complete dill.

So I'll let y'all know when it goes on-line so you can hear me - Madam Lash; Radio Goddess - be the idiot that only I can be. I promise it'll be fun!

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Say! Wonder if I could get your station on my shortwave... Hmm...

Oh, yes, love the icon. Must get a Daniel one for myself. ; )

You should be able to pick it up through your computer once it's all up and running. :fingers crossed: Once I know what's what with it all I shall be posting the addy on where to find it, and my radio roster (in South Australian Time).

Isn't the icon lovely :g: I got it from Alyse at her website.

Cool! Now to work out the time differentials.

Yes. Pretty icon. Lovely Daniel. Yes...

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