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Am I old, or are people watching way less television..?
What's on the box
So we were at lunch today, and C was telling us about what she's got planned for the next couple of months, and as I was starting to sit down and join the gang, I exclaimed as a person only can when excited over curried eggs on cruskits for lunch "You're like your towns' version of Julie the cruise director!!"

"Who?" She asked.

"The lady in charge of entertainment on the Love Boat."

"The What Boat?!?!" She again asked incredulously.

I was that shocked that she had no idea of that wonderful 80's show I had to stand back up and just stare at her. And then I broke out into The Love Boat Theme.

Which did not cause the blank look off her face.

I am horrified at this. (And unfortunately for everyone at the table who did know the show to get the Love Boat theme stuck in their head for the remainder of the day. And no amount of me saying sorry could rid that song from their heads.)

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(Deleted comment)
C's 27. That's only 8 years younger than I, which I wouldn't thought would be enough to miss the wonder that was gopher and the creepiness of the Doc. She's also one of those people who is incredibly sporty, so when she was younger she spent most weekends outside playing netball and basketball and the like.

She also made me feel really old two weeks ago when she didn't know who Billy Joel (Piano Man, not lead singer of Green Day) was.

Obviously she doesn't have digital TV or watch it during the day. The show is on Channel 11 every day at 11 am! So I got a nice smile seeing this anyway.

But yes. I would have known.

We did mention to her that she could catch up with it. :g: But I think our singing of the theme song may have put her off.

I have no idea why that would be :)

(and yes I saw the follow up entry)

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