Erika Sanely (erika_sanely) wrote,
Erika Sanely

Seriously, I really hate Monday's

So it looks like the phone is fried. After spending a day in rice to help draw the moisture out it's seems to be dead. It's not charging up, and I feel I may just have to bite the bullet and admit it's gone. Damn. I wonder if it's still under warranty.

This phone though has also given me trouble. It stopped receiving calls and texts while I was over in NZ at Christmas (and Christmas may possibly be one of the worst times for your phone to stop working. It's especially bad when you're taking care of your 9 month old niece overnight and your brother and sister-in-law can't contact you.) and now this. (And yes, I admit that this one is on me for not having it secured better in my pocket.)

My last mobile lasted 6 years before I needed to get a new one. Very annoyed.

But the icing on the cake that was yesterday happened in the evening. I feed the cats, and within half an hour Owen had thrown up inside twice. It was nothing to worry about; Owen got excited as I gave them a treat and feed them meat (proper cat food meat) instead of their usual dry food. He pretty much guts-ed his and Marley's share. And I could tell this as.... you don't want to know.

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