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My Tree thanks to slodwick

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My Tree thanks to slodwick
Wow, I've missed writing for two days, and I feel guilty about it. Well, not so much guilty, but more that I've broken a habit, and now am a bit out of sorts.

Thursday we had Bingo; and P and D had me around for tacos beforehand. We also convinced our Canadian metallurgist to join us at Bingo, an at first we thought it was a very very bad idea (he is.....an aquired taste. No one Not everyone likes him at first, but once you're used to him he's quite good value. And once the old ladies got used to him, and he charmed them by going to the bar and getting them cups of coffee we all had a good time.

Last night it was again back to P & D's for pizza and a games night. L bought baby boy with her, and he was a brilliant baby. L and her husband are very casual people, and that's really rubbed off on baby boy. he got passed around, and didn't fuss, and pretty much just smiled at everyone.

Today I'm off to Ungarie to watch the footy with CMC. It's going to be cold, but should be fun to hang out with CMC outside of work.