Erika Sanely (erika_sanely) wrote,
Erika Sanely

This ain't your Nan's Bingo

Oh my lordy, Bingo has changed a lot since I played it about 10 years ago.

The last time I played, you got a card (or two, or three) and when you got all the random numbers on your card you called Bingo and that was that. It was exciting, and fun it play.

It's still fun to play, and WAY more exciting. So exciting (and quick! who knew those old ducks could be so swift with their dobbers!) that you can only play one card at a time. Your card is broken up into about ten different games, with all numbers from 1 - 100 on it with some blank spaces. But you don't just have to get a full game. Oh no, that would be way too easy! You've got games like front steps followed by a full house, back steps, kojack, man's waist, bikini, woman's waist, whiner's game, and a heap of others. A lot of them are followed by a 'full house', which means after the special game is won, you need to fill to the full game.

The night started at 7:30pm, and when we walked in the old ladies gave us a bit of look as if they were worried we would ruin the night for them. But, we bought our game cards, and some raffle tickets and sat down quietly. Once they realised we weren't going to be idiots, they came up to us before every game to make sure we understood what the game was (9 times out of ten we had no idea, so it was great they did. I must admit, some of the games were too complicated for me and I used those games to just practise my dobbing). And the caller called the numbers so fast! We could barely keep up! (And you need to keep up. If you realise that you've won, but they're calling the next number it's too late. You can't win.)

Anyway, long story short.... I won 3 times!! I was very excited. That, my friends, equates to two cooked chickens and a three pack of old lady soap. (And I was very excited over the old lady soap, as I was going to buy soap the next time I went grocery shopping.) To make sure I didn't overstep the mark winning so much, (and also that there's no way that I could eat two whole chickens before they went off) I asked one of the ladies on our table if she would like one of my chickens. She was very grateful, and as she had not won anything she accepted my chicken (and I never thought that would be a sentence I would ever write. I think I would like that as an icon. Hmmmm....) and she was happy she was not going home empty handed.

And it's a good night out in terms of value for money. $2 for the dobber (A bright orange dobber which I will keep and treasure), $5 for the game cards, and $2 in raffle tickets. I couldn't buy a chicken for that little!

We've got plans to go again next Thursday. We're going to take our own swear jar, as we kept almost swearing when we either had only one number to go, or if we couldn't find the number on our card and we were starting to fall behind.

Seriously people, you need to go to Bingo. You won't regret it.

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