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The small pleasures in life
Panda Kiss
The most satisfying thing I did all day was eat my cereal with a fork. It took a bit of time and skill, but I managed. It made me feel happy and slothful – mostly ‘cause I couldn’t be half-assed to find a spoon in my room. And what is it that makes eating cereal at night that makes it so much more enjoyable? Having steak and eggs in the morning is nice, but it doesn’t have that shiver of guilty pleasure that cereal has at 7pm. And since I was eating it with a fork I ended up having to drink the milk from the bowl. Incredibly un-grown-up of me but hey; there comes a time in your life when you find the stuff that makes you happy can come from the strangest places at the weirdest times.

I feel I should point out that I didn’t go out of my way to eat my cereal thus. I had already poured in the milk before I realized I hadn’t grabbed any plastic spoons from the dining hall. I could either throw the entire thing out, or improvise. I think I did well. Yay to me.

The other thing I did that was more astounding and humbling, but satisfying on a different level. I was in the shower, with the stereo cranked up, listening to the soundtrack from One Perfect Day (a brilliant Australian movie. If you love music, see it. See it now.) and dancing to the music as safely as possible in a small slippery space. This song came on, about not listening to my voice, but hearing my heart and I placed my hand over my heart during it (still dancing around. I like to act out my songs). Wow. I hadn't 'listened' to my heart like that for years. The music was loud enough that I could almost hear the vibrations of my heart. It's so amazing that that little organ is pumping life. I wonder if you hear the last beat? I hope you do.