Erika Sanely (erika_sanely) wrote,
Erika Sanely

Day 26

I have been very busy today, cooking wise. So far I have

* made a chicken curry,

* made a lamb rogan josh

* stewed some apples

* whipped up a very easy bread-and-butter-pudding,


* made mayonnaise from scratch.

All I have to do now to portion up the rogan josh and freeze it and I am sorted for ages when it comes to coming home from work and not feeling up to cooking and having to get the washing up done the same night.

Add to that another trip to supermarket where I only bought items that were on my shopping list and I feel I've earned at least 6 ticks in the "Almost a grownup" column.

I have learnt (learned? I can never work out which one to use. If there's a trick to remembering please let me know) that I need to have Adele on the iPod and a $3 plastic tiara on my head give the motivation to kick booty on weekends and get heaps of house work and kitchen stuff done.

Hmmm, does a $3 plastic tiara negate the 6 ticks I just gave myself on the "almost a grown-up list"? I may need to re-think my weekend strategy in that case.
Tags: being a grown-up, everydayness, food

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