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My Tree thanks to slodwick

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Day 25
No time for this McCoy
Man, am I in a foul mood today. I was having a good day and then... I went to the local supermarket.

As I think I mentioned, I'm trying to lose weight. It's going pretty slow, but it's going down, and I still manage to socialise with my friends so I"m happy with it. i find though that I need to plan all my meals ahead, so on the weekends I find some really nice recipes, cook them up and freeze them in portions so when I get home from work all I need to do to whack it in the microwave and voila! Something healthy, tasty and as an added bonus very minimum washing up.

So, I've decided what I'm cooking, check that what I want to cook is good for me and make my list. As I'm meeting H for lunch, and then we're off to the Bald Archies art exhibit, I figured I'd go to the local supermarket and I wouldn't be running late and once we've seen the art I can relax at home and get the food cooking.

Despite being a good sized supermarket, pretty much the core ingredients I needed weren't there. Or - even better - they hadn't finished unpacking them and so I couldn't reach past the shelf packer to get to them. I was having a adjust the recipes in my head, and substitute ingredients, which meant I wasn't sure if the recipe fitted into the diet anymore. The final straw for me was when I needed a certain cut of lamb, and the only cut I could find was one that was already marinated (Please note, there were 10 cut of this meat; all were marinated. Not one was left untouched). When I found myself contemplating if washing the lamb once I got home swould take the rosemary and mint marinade off it enough that it wouldn't affect the taste of the curry I wanted to make I lost it. I calmly put all the fridge and freezer items back where they belonged and left the rest of my trolley there. After the art show I"ll go one town over and do my shopping there.

The biggest problem with the local supermarket is the management. If I thought asking for what I wanted would help, I would. But, last year when I ducked in to get something after work, while I was walking down one of the aisles a group of 4 boys were supposed to be packing shelves. Instead they were fooling around, and as I walked past one of the boys was pushed into me and I almost fell over. When I went to complain to the manager about their shenanigans all he said was "Well, there's not much I can do about that. They won't listen to me." Nice. Would have been really nice if I was an old lady who did fall over and really hurt themself. Surely when you're the boss you have some sort of control over the school kids who work there part time. I didn't shop there for about 6 months after that. Thought I'd give them another try, and everytime I go in, there's something missing that I know I can get in at least 4 supermarkets within an hours drive.

So, my lazy afternoon in front of the telly while the slow cooker cooks up a nice lamb curry has been slightly tweaked to driving to the next town over.

Lazy day tomorrow then :fingers crossed: