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Book Rec and the Horrors of the WW's

I read a book on my holiday ('cause that's about all I did; read and shopped. Sometimes I stopped for fancy coffee. But then I went back to reading) that my bro reccommended to me. Now, it's not often he tells me that I'll enjoy something but I have learnt that he knows me well. In the past he has steered me towards movies, books and music that I wouldn't have even bothered to walk past, but have actually been right up my alley. And I am so glad I followed his advice and grabbed this book.

The Science of Superheros is amazing. The writers have taken the classic heros (Superman, Batman, Hulk, etc) and taken a serious and realistic look at the science behind them. And it is an incredibly fascinating read. It's all about physics, and Eistein's theories and law of nature and the rest, and it's just mind-blowing. Without giving anything away, they basically tell you what about Superman could and would work if he was a real person in the here and now. They give a sound reason behind why The Hulk turns green (which, BTW happened in the comic purely from a printer's error. They ended up just going with it.) Batman possible. The X-men are not only possible, but probable. But what really blew my mind the most?? The most scientifically accurate comic superhero around? Donald Duck. I kid you not my friends. The writer put so much research into the things Donald and his nephews did that it's all possible for us to do. Of course, talking ducks aren't likely, but their adventures are. If you ever stumble across this book, give it a read. Some parts are heavy going (I got a bit lost in the Chapter on The Green Latern. A lot of talks about Black and White Holes), but it really fires up your imagination. Out of 5, I'd give it 3.5.

The thing I hate the most about winter and cold weather is the curse of the WW's. A shortened term for the Winter Wee's. Have you noticed that your need to urinate with exponientially grow according to the amount of layers you have on. 'Tis true. Every year without fail I find the longer it takes for me to get undressed, and more I need to go and the more urgent that need to go is. I can go 6 hours without drinking any liquid whatsoever, but because I have on long johns, underneath my overalls, I shall have to go to the loo about 8 times. And it's always urgent. You know how it is, your standing there, doing whatever you do, and it feels like you bladder has dropped. So you rush to the loo, struggle with all your clothes, barely making it in time to find...nothing worth writing home about. Of course - your chances of having a Uro-gasm increase as well, so not all of it is bad.

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