Erika Sanely (erika_sanely) wrote,
Erika Sanely

Day 22

5 questions were posed by mabiana and here I attempt to answer them! (Tomorrow I shall answer toastedtea's questions tomorrow. I was hoping to answer them today as well, but one of the questions is giving me trouble.

1.Is there some kind of typical souvenir tourists like to buy in your country that any local person with similar taste and style would be rather horrified to be presented with (e.g. due to being considered tacky)? (Here, that would be the cuckoo clock)
This is a bit of a tricky question, because I am a huge fan of tacky and horrifying presents. Digerdoo’s can be looked at as a ridiculous present. This is because a) they are a large lump of wood. They are a bugger to try and get home, and then you have no idea where to put it. And if you don’t know what you’re doing it sounds terrible. And everyone wants a go. And b) only males are allowed to play them. It's part of the culture that women are not allowed to play them. I’ve seen in shops chocolate made up to look like Kangaroo poo. That’s not a present anyone wants to get. Not sure if it’s tacky, but if you look hard enough you can buy kangaroo testicle money pouches. I kid you not. I have seen them. (You need to remember that here ‘roo’s are seen as a pest.)

2. What are you currently feeling most fannish about?
Hmm, I find what I’m fannish about, and what show I love don’t always match up. In terms of fandom, Sherlock, Supernatural and sometimes Merlin if I’m in the mood. Shows I must watch and can’t miss an episode of, though I have absolutely no inclination to look at their fandoms: Downtown Abbey, Whitechapel and Doctor Who.

3. If you have to choose, coffee or tea?
That’s a mean question!! I usually alternate each month as to what I drink. But, if I must choose, I’d say tea. Because of Chai, and peppermint. Oh! And a cranberry, raspberry and strawberry tea blend.

4. What languages do you speak?
It is to my great shame I can only speak English. I did learn Spanish for a year, and all I retain from that is the ability to tell you what colour that cat or dog is. I am in awe of anyone who can speak more than one.

5. My travel companion wanted to get TimTams at an Australian store on our vacation, and out of curiosity I got one package too and am now regretting to not at least have gotten one of each kind - if you like them, what is your favourite kind?
If I like them??? Okay, TimTams are not a food in Australia, they are a WAY OF LIFE. It’s pretty much in our genetic code to like TimTams and vegemite (not together, obviously.) For me, you cannot, and should not, go past the original. In a pinch, the double coat is acceptable. Dark chocolate is okay as well. Anything else just seems to be trying too hard to make something better, when it’s fine as it is. Never ever EVER have the white TimTam. I tried it, as I am a fan of the white chocolate, and a fan of TimTams, and it just doesn’t work. (Having said that, if you get a chance, try different flavors. Then let me know, and I’ll make you up a box at Christmas time full of TimTams. Seriously – I’ve done it for others.)

I whole-heartedly recommend doing a TimTam Slam. See below. The slam can be done with tea/coffee/hot chocolate/port or plain milk.


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