Erika Sanely (erika_sanely) wrote,
Erika Sanely

(Day 18)When I"m an Evil Overlord -

- I shall be getting rid of "lol". It seems these days that "lol" does not mean what is used to, and quite frankly I am sick of seeing it around the place.

I once sent a text to one of the radio kids and they replied with (Please note, I'm fixing up all the spelling. I wouldn't want your eyeballs to bleed) "Can't do my show tonight. Have been vomiting all day. lol"

Did the next generation change the meaning and not tell us? Or do people put it in to use up all their characters??

Anyway, it's on the list for upcoming extinction when I am an overlord.

What do you want to put on the list?? I'm sure me being in charge of the universe is merely a decade or so away, and I want my most trusted minions to help me police the cosmos.
Tags: the world, theories, when i"m in charge

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