November 10th, 2013

zorro by not_a_painter

Relay for Life: The Aftermath.

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ETA: Sweet Mother of Pearl I am sore! I think I'm sorer now than I was after doing the 7 km fun run last week. And I didn't even push my body this time around!! I just walked around and around in circles. There wasn't even any running involved. I really wish I had some Radox for the bath tonight; warm water will have to suffice.
... I think this soreness all comes down to the fact I was sleeping on the ground. I am not bred for outdoor living. Or, as I like to call it Reason # 452 why I will go down in the first wave of victims in a Zombie Apocalypse.
My Tree thanks to slodwick

Warning: Salty language ahead.

Favourite swears: My time most used and all time favourite swear words aren’t even real swear words.

I’m quite partial to using “son of a goat!” if the need arises. I, of course, use that instead of the traditional “Son of a bitch.” (also known by the quaint spelling sonovabitch) because by replacing the b-word with ‘goat’ you can use it often in front of children, and really, that’s one of the most important things an aunt can do. Because sometimes you really need to swear, but the small people make it difficult for you to do so without their parents having stern words with you.

My other all-time that isn’t really swearing is “Holy Mary Mother of Pear!!” or just “Mother of Pearl!”. (And if I’m only saying “Mother Of Pearl!” It was be said in a gasp almost whispered. I don’t know why I must say it like that, I just must. I do like how it makes me sound as though I’m from a different era. I don’t often bring it out, so when I do, you know I”m serious.

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