August 27th, 2012

My Tree thanks to slodwick

Happy No. 8

My Bruz came back to work today after a junket to Canada which made me very happy. Bruz is this guy who I used to have a cubicle across the way from. He noticed my Supernatural wallpaper on the computer and we bonded over it. He calls me "bitch", I call him "jerk" which horrifies people around us, but is our way of showing affection. (I'm in his phone as Sam Winchester, he's in mine as Dean. His wife is in my phone as Castiel.) We've called each other Bro for years, and then after talking to my Great-Aunt I found out I am actually related by marriage to his wife, which gave me and "Castiel" much pleasure in rubbing it in his face.

So getting to catch up with Bruz today was definitely the high-light. When he and his family move over to the West soon - he got a job in WA - I'm going to miss them all so very very much. On another positive, there's always Skype.