March 20th, 2012

Easily Amused

Best. Present. EVER.

So those who know me know that I am a huge lover of all things horrible. Highlight of trip to the US? Going to Walmart. Best movie ever? the Expendables. I love them, because they are so bad. (So, I like to call it loving something ironically.) I like to think that this makes it way easy to buy me gifts, because if it's beautiful, I'll love it. If it's just plain silliness or gaudy or 'a unicorn vomited rainbows on a picture of kittens' I'll love it because it needs love, and makes me happy.

This year for my birthday, P-dog and Dino made me my birthday gift. And it is now my all-time favourite gift. I have it on my desk at work because, as I've said to everyone who has found it weird - "It's less weird here at work, than if I keep it at home."

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