January 14th, 2012



I'm having one of those days, where you feel as thought you're going to burst out into tears, but you're not sad. It's a weird feeling; I think this afternoon I might put the air-con on high, grab my donna, and put on a sad movie to get it out of my system. Or...maybe because last week I watched Red Dog and the week both and now I've bloody conditioned myself to be sad on Saturdays. Which sounds ridiculous, so probably not.

I have a party I'm supposed to go to tonight, and I am just not feeling it. I know, I know, one of my NYE resolutions was to be more social, but I don't think I can. On the plus side, I think I have worked out why I have trouble being social: I'm tired of walking into parties by myself, and trying to work out who I know at the party. Y'see, I have this knack where the majority of my friendships don't overlap. For example; in 2010 I went to 5 weddings. I was the only person in common at all 5 of them. At two of those weddings, the only people I knew well were the bride and groom. It's a gift (and a curse) I have; I'm great at one-on-one friendships, so I end up with friends all over, but I can't seem to make the leap to extending that friendship with other people in that group of friends.
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Am putting off the housework by watching a documentary on venomous creatures. They're talking about Australia's reputation of dangerous animals and how that reputation is enhanced by our snakes. In the list of most toxic snakes, the top 12 all live in Oz. That makes me feel oddly proud.

Hmmm, maybe I should do a snake handler's course the next time they run one at work.

ETA: And apparently, in Tasmania you can die from an ant bite. (Jumper ant, to be precise.) And don't forget - the male platypus has venomous stingers behind his hind legs that can cause a person intense pain for months.

How on earth did the early settlers survive long enough to breed???