January 11th, 2012

Damn Astronaut!

Anyone good at bad poetry??

My friend TP works in the IT department at work, and while he was away on holidays he wrote back to us at work a letter in rhyme. It…wasn’t a good poem, as seen below.

An email churns inside my head, a little drunk I must defend!
Here I lie upon my bed, a towel elephant I can not wed.
An attractive sort I must confess, but shower I must and he will become much less!
Goldies, oldies, and lovers of lollies, a man of strange could have his jollies!
( Yes I'm stretching the rhymes, deal with it!) Noumea today, a 20km bike was partly okay!
One soldier down, but recovered in time, tomorrow means party, with vodka and lime!!!

He sent it to a few of us, and we all thought he had gotten drunk and written us an interesting poem about “qualitity time he spent in the shower with himself” if I can put it nicely. Since four of us were thinking the same thing, I ended up emailing him to ask. Because it just seemed like an odd thing to write. Turns out, that on cruises, the staff create animals out of your towels. So when you go to the shower and unfurl your towel, your elephant does indeed become less.

And we all breathed a sigh of relief, and stopped feeling awkward around each other.

But anyway, the reason I bring it up is I jokingly asked if we put our IT requests in rhyme or with a rhyming pentameter (or even haiku) would our requests get bumped up the line. And then I wrote two IT requests out as a joke:

My computer screen
Is now so badly frozen
Can you fix it now?

(I’m terrible at haiku, but I tried)

On the computer I tried to log on,
But I was told my password was wrong!
Please be a dear and do a reset
And I will forever be in your debt.

He has challenged me to give him an IT request as an acrostic poem, or the like as long as it's acrostic. If you, or any of your friends are good at this sort of thing, I could use the help! A general one about resetting a password would be awesome. And I’ll owe you big time. (Can you send cookies by airmail?? If can send homemade shortbread.)