July 18th, 2011

Awesome Gaius

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Okay, I'm going to stand up (or, y'know remain sitting here) and admit that I wear long johns underneath my jeans to work. I walk to the bus stop at six in the a.m. which is not the most fun thing you can do that early in the morning in winter. In fact, I can think of 7 things that are more fun than walking to the bus stop. (And only one of them is dirty, you flithy filthy minded person.)

Anyway, the problem I have with the long johns is that they are indeed quite comfortable. They are so comfortable they make it feel as though I am not wearing any trousers whatsoever. And I keep forgetting that I have already checked and I am wearing trousers. What this means is that I'll get up from my desk at work, and as I'm walking down the hall I start to walk slower than norm as I try to figure out if my trousers are still on without overtly rubbing my thighs to try and feel material.

It's a very weird feeling. and every time - EVERY time - I get up from my chair I feel as though I"m not wearing trousers. No matter what time of the day, I have the distinct impression I'm only half dressed.

I'm not giving up the thermal underwear though.