October 10th, 2007

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Australian telly is showing So You Think You Can Dance again which makes me very happy. It's the only show that I shall stay up past half-past eight on a school night. Actually, most nights when I have to work the next day I go to bed at 8pm. My alarm goes off at half past four in the morning. For my to stay up the show has to be worth it. And I think SYTYCD totally is.

It's my guitly pleasure show. It's the show I watch and half the time I'm thinking to myself;"I could totally do that if I wanted to. I just don't want to." and the other half I'm all "Are their bones made of rubber??? Isn't that move against the laws of physics??"

I love the hip-hip. It looks like the dancers have fun when they're doing it.

I am still completely not understanding what contemporary is all about. Are contemporary dancers failed gymnasts??

The best thing about living in Oz and watching US reality tv shows, is that 99% of the time the show is done and dusted by the time we see the first ep. This makes me happy, as I can get on-line to completely spoil myself. So yeah, I already know who won (my guy did not. This made me sad for about 5 minutes.)